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Pugmire Fantasy Tabletop RPG
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Latest Updates from Our Project:

February Pugmire Update!
17 days ago – Wed, Feb 07, 2018 at 11:04:13 AM


A short post this month, to get our monthly updates back on schedule!


During the book's development, many folks found Early Access to be a nice, bite-sized taste of what Pugmire would become. Now that Pugmire is out, having the outdated system floating around didn't make sense, but we still wanted an easy access point for people who were curious. So I wrote "Vinsen's Tomb," a NEW introductory adventure for Pugmire, which will go live Wednesday, February 7th. It contains the six iconic characters you know and love (along with character sheets), the basic rules, and a short adventure about zombies, mercenaries, and the lost tomb of the first king of Pugmire. Even if you're familiar with Pugmire, though, you can still use it as a great adventure for first- or second-level characters.

This wasn't originally a stretch goal, but we didn't want to leave our Pugmire fans out! Check out the next (backer-exclusive) update for a coupon code allowing you to buy the PDF at half off!


We're just a couple of weeks away from the launch of Canis Minor! For those of you who missed the past few updates, Canis Minor is our community content program for the Pugmire RPG. It's a chance for folks like you to release (and sell!) adventures for the Pugmire game through a digital marketplace, using official Pugmire assets and resources. The project guidelines and FAQ are up on the Pugmire forum, if you want to get an advance look at the program:


We all know that Pugmire and Monarchies of Mau are a lot of fantasy with a dash of sci-fi. However, if you like a lot more sci-fi in your gaming, check out the Trinity Continuum: Aeon Kickstarter going on right now! With the Trinity Continuum Core rulebook and the Trinity Continuum: Aeon book, you can play either modern-day action thrillers or high-powered space opera. We're already funded, so go check it out and see what new stretch goals we can unlock!

January update!
about 1 month ago – Tue, Jan 23, 2018 at 06:49:37 PM

Things have been hectic since the holidays, so I appreciate your patience. On to the updates!  


(And not just because Millie the concierge dog was there!)  

Midwinter has always been a special convention for Pugmire. I ran my first-ever Pugmire adventure at the show, and every year since I've showcased something for Pugmire there. This year was no exception, as we were able to not only sell physical Pugmire books, screens, and dice, but we also had all three decks of player aid cards available. I had lots of great conversations about Pugmire, and ran a successful sneak peek at the adventure we'll be including in Monarchies of Mau. All in all, an excellent show, and I came away with lots of ideas for the next year of Pugmire and Mau.  


The prototype decks arrived at Midwinter, and they look wonderful. They have placeholder art (and, in one case, a placeholder photo of Murray), but all of the players were blown away. In the five games I ran at the show, I learned a ton about areas where the game isn't quite working the way I wanted it to. The guts of the game (what designers sometimes call the "core design loop") work very well, so a lot of the revisions are getting the overall experience of the game where I need it to be. Rich and I also had some great chats about how we can amp up the aesthetics of the game as well.  

Fetch Quest games are generally taking an hour, which feels good, and my estimate of 3-6 players has proven correct as well. The game should be extensible in a variety of directions, which means it should easily allow me to add new quest decks and introduce material from Monarchies of Mau with relative ease.  

So now all that remains for the short term is to tweak the existing playtest deck for our print-and-play version, and prep for the Kickstarter. We don't have an ETA on when that will launch -- we're still planning -- but odds are it'll be later this year.  


With one exception, all of our assets and text are now in the hands of our representative at DriveThruRPG, so we're about a month away from launch (fingers crossed)! I've also reached out to some talented writers and fans of Pugmire to create some initial projects for the program, so there will be things to snap up as soon as we go live!  

For those of you who missed the past few updates, Canis Minor is our community content program for the Pugmire RPG. It's a chance for folks like you to release (and sell!) adventures for the Pugmire game through a digital marketplace, using official Pugmire assets and resources. The project guidelines and FAQ are up on the Pugmire forum, if you want to get an advance look at the program:  


With the holidays, there was a delay on the anthology, but Jim is back in the mix, getting notes to writers.  

Pan's Guide just went to Mike Chaney for layout yesterday. We're still waiting on some art to come in, but we're close!  

Monarchies of Mau is going to open development! Details on the Mau Kickstarter.


December update!
3 months ago – Tue, Dec 05, 2017 at 08:08:02 AM

Hi, folks. Rose here, with an update from Eddy!



Happy holidays, good dogs! Time for some end-of-the-year cheer, along with updates!  


I've been working with "Mirthful" Mike Chaney for the layout of the playtest deck. And it looks amazing! Mike has a ton of experience working on card games, and he came up with some great ideas that really help the look and feel of the game. I'm planning on running some playtests at Midwinter Gaming Convention in January, but there will also be a print-and-play version available for our next Pugmire-themed Kickstarter!  


We're in the home stretch of rolling out Canis Minor, our community content program for the Pugmire RPG. As I mentioned last month, this is a chance for folks like you to release (and sell!) adventures for the Pugmire game through a digital marketplace, using official Pugmire assets and resources. We're still working on said assets and resources, but I have put together an FAQ and community guidelines. Those will go up on the Pugmire forum soon for feedback, so keep an eye out for it! Here's where you can find the forum:  


With everything else going on, I've been quietly working on a new project for Pugmire, along with all of the promised stretch goals. A number of people have asked me for either an introductory adventure (aside from the one in the book), or an easy "pick up and play" entry point for friends to learn about Pugmire without investing in the main book. As such, I've written a short adventure called "Vinsen's Tomb," detailing a conspiracy around the lost tomb of the first king of Pugmire. I combined it with a stripped-down version of the rules and the pre-generated characters, so anyone can play it without needing the main rulebook. It's in layout now, but I'm hoping people on the fence about Pugmire will soon get a chance to play and learn what makes the game so special.  


As mentioned above, I'll be at the Midwinter Gaming Convention in Milwaukee from January 11th-14th. There we'll have not only some playtests of Fetch Quest, but I'll run a demo of the current state of Monarchies of Mau. Further, there will be some Pugmire adventures run by the ever-talented Wrecking Crew. If you're in the area, come by and say hi!  


  • The anthology continues to progress.  
  • Pan's Guide is in editing, and should be back in a couple of weeks. ** The audio drama is out! It'll be available this week for purchase via DriveThruRPG this week, and we're looking into other marketplaces as well.  
  • Final drafts for Monarchies of Mau will be coming in a couple of weeks. Mew! ** One of our "sekrit" projects has stepped furtively from the doghouse, but what other hidden prospects lurk within?  

ON TO 2018  

With that, I hope you and yours (and all your fuzzy family) have a happy holiday season. Keep sharing your wonderful Pugmire stories, and look forward to more Pugmire goodies in the new year!

November update
4 months ago – Tue, Nov 07, 2017 at 11:08:56 AM


Time for some more Pugmire updates!  


I sent off the latest set of text for the playtest deck of Fetch Quest. It'll use some existing art assets, but hopefully it'll give a better sense of what we're hoping the final game will look like -- better than my hand-written cards did at the beginning of the year! I'm hoping we can have a PoD deck to show off at Midwinter next year, and a print-and-play deck ready for our third Pugmire-themed Kickstarter.  


I've mentioned this here and there in the past, but we're deep in the process of building up a community content program. This is a chance for folks like you to release (and sell!) adventures for the Pugmire game through a digital marketplace, using official Pugmire assets and resources. But "Pugmire Community Content" is kind of a mouthful, so we've settled on "Canis Minor" as the name for the program. Think of it like a fan-only imprint of cool Pugmire stuff. Once we're ready to get rolling, we'll share as much information as we can, so hang tight!  


Final drafts are starting to trickle in, and they're looking great. It's a nice blend of stories using existing, known characters and locations, and stories that play with the formula a bit, showing off previously unseen portions of the world. James Lowder has really pulled together a great stable of writers, and I can't wait to see what else comes in!  


The book portion of Pan's Guide is off to editing, while the YouTube example of play script is done and off to a voice actor (the talented Drew Profit, known for his portrayal of Pan Dachshund). We're hoping the combination of projects will be a great way to teach people new to roleplaying games how our wonderful art form works, getting them up to speed and rolling dice in no time!  


* Music is being composed for the non-interactive Pugmire audio drama.  

* Monarchies of Mau drafts are in, and redlined. Final drafts will be coming in soon!  

* A few other projects are sitting in the doghouse, waiting patiently for the right moment to step out and bark at a passing car.

October update!
5 months ago – Mon, Oct 02, 2017 at 01:29:56 PM

Hi, folks. Rose here, with a update from Eddy.



Hello, good dogs! We have some more tasty Pugmire updates for you!


But first, a quick word from our friends at Earplay:

Hey, Pugmire backers! This is a message from Earplay - we’re already working on stories you play with your voice for some Onyx Path titles, and we have a small request to make of you, fellow fans of storytelling.

The Earplay Demo, our 5-minute intro narrated by the legendary Dave Grossman, is a finalist in the Future of Storytelling (FoST) People’s Choice Awards, hosted at the FoST Festival in New York this October, Fri 6th-Sun 8th. This is an amazing opportunity for us, so we’d be immensely grateful for your vote. You can read more about the festival at our blog:

And, if you're willing, please submit your vote BEFORE Oct 8th for the Earplay Demo at the FoST Prize page, here:

We truly appreciate your support, both in the Pugmire Kickstarter and the People’s Choice Award.

Chapter 1 of the Pugmire Earplay, “Friends and Enemies,” is almost ready for release, but we’d like to let our truest supporters enjoy it first! We have limited invites, and drawings will be random. If you’re interested in being considered as a beta tester for the new Pugmire Earplay, let us know by filling out our form here:

We hope you (have been) enjoy(ing) the free content available on the Earplay hub, and thanks in advance for your support and vote!


As promised last month, I was able to dig into some feedback I got from the last round of playtesting on Fetch Quest. I tweaked the cards and the rules a bit, and sent them out for one last round. I'm hoping to have that all in by the end of the month, so we can mock up a nicer-looking print-and-play playtest deck for an early 2018 Kickstarter. All in all, though, the core system is looking sound, and I hope that this game will offer another exciting avenue to play in the realms of Pugmire!


* Writers are continuing to rewrite their stories for the Pugmire anthology. 

* YouTube video scripts for Pan's Guide are written and being reviewed by Matthew Dawkins.

* Music is being composed for the non-interactive Pugmire audio drama.

* Monarchies of Mau writers are turning in drafts!


Rose Bailey, long-time White Wolf/Onyx Path developer and a dear friend of mine, is Kickstarting her own creator-owned game. "Cavaliers of Mars" is set on a fantasy version of the red planet, featuring swashbuckling and intrigue. Because if Mars has canals, why can't it have Venice? Go check it out: