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Pugmire Fantasy Tabletop RPG
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Latest Updates from Our Project:

December update!
8 days ago – Tue, Dec 05, 2017 at 08:08:02 AM

Hi, folks. Rose here, with an update from Eddy!



Happy holidays, good dogs! Time for some end-of-the-year cheer, along with updates!  


I've been working with "Mirthful" Mike Chaney for the layout of the playtest deck. And it looks amazing! Mike has a ton of experience working on card games, and he came up with some great ideas that really help the look and feel of the game. I'm planning on running some playtests at Midwinter Gaming Convention in January, but there will also be a print-and-play version available for our next Pugmire-themed Kickstarter!  


We're in the home stretch of rolling out Canis Minor, our community content program for the Pugmire RPG. As I mentioned last month, this is a chance for folks like you to release (and sell!) adventures for the Pugmire game through a digital marketplace, using official Pugmire assets and resources. We're still working on said assets and resources, but I have put together an FAQ and community guidelines. Those will go up on the Pugmire forum soon for feedback, so keep an eye out for it! Here's where you can find the forum:  


With everything else going on, I've been quietly working on a new project for Pugmire, along with all of the promised stretch goals. A number of people have asked me for either an introductory adventure (aside from the one in the book), or an easy "pick up and play" entry point for friends to learn about Pugmire without investing in the main book. As such, I've written a short adventure called "Vinsen's Tomb," detailing a conspiracy around the lost tomb of the first king of Pugmire. I combined it with a stripped-down version of the rules and the pre-generated characters, so anyone can play it without needing the main rulebook. It's in layout now, but I'm hoping people on the fence about Pugmire will soon get a chance to play and learn what makes the game so special.  


As mentioned above, I'll be at the Midwinter Gaming Convention in Milwaukee from January 11th-14th. There we'll have not only some playtests of Fetch Quest, but I'll run a demo of the current state of Monarchies of Mau. Further, there will be some Pugmire adventures run by the ever-talented Wrecking Crew. If you're in the area, come by and say hi!  


  • The anthology continues to progress.  
  • Pan's Guide is in editing, and should be back in a couple of weeks. ** The audio drama is out! It'll be available this week for purchase via DriveThruRPG this week, and we're looking into other marketplaces as well.  
  • Final drafts for Monarchies of Mau will be coming in a couple of weeks. Mew! ** One of our "sekrit" projects has stepped furtively from the doghouse, but what other hidden prospects lurk within?  

ON TO 2018  

With that, I hope you and yours (and all your fuzzy family) have a happy holiday season. Keep sharing your wonderful Pugmire stories, and look forward to more Pugmire goodies in the new year!

November update
about 1 month ago – Tue, Nov 07, 2017 at 11:08:56 AM


Time for some more Pugmire updates!  


I sent off the latest set of text for the playtest deck of Fetch Quest. It'll use some existing art assets, but hopefully it'll give a better sense of what we're hoping the final game will look like -- better than my hand-written cards did at the beginning of the year! I'm hoping we can have a PoD deck to show off at Midwinter next year, and a print-and-play deck ready for our third Pugmire-themed Kickstarter.  


I've mentioned this here and there in the past, but we're deep in the process of building up a community content program. This is a chance for folks like you to release (and sell!) adventures for the Pugmire game through a digital marketplace, using official Pugmire assets and resources. But "Pugmire Community Content" is kind of a mouthful, so we've settled on "Canis Minor" as the name for the program. Think of it like a fan-only imprint of cool Pugmire stuff. Once we're ready to get rolling, we'll share as much information as we can, so hang tight!  


Final drafts are starting to trickle in, and they're looking great. It's a nice blend of stories using existing, known characters and locations, and stories that play with the formula a bit, showing off previously unseen portions of the world. James Lowder has really pulled together a great stable of writers, and I can't wait to see what else comes in!  


The book portion of Pan's Guide is off to editing, while the YouTube example of play script is done and off to a voice actor (the talented Drew Profit, known for his portrayal of Pan Dachshund). We're hoping the combination of projects will be a great way to teach people new to roleplaying games how our wonderful art form works, getting them up to speed and rolling dice in no time!  


* Music is being composed for the non-interactive Pugmire audio drama.  

* Monarchies of Mau drafts are in, and redlined. Final drafts will be coming in soon!  

* A few other projects are sitting in the doghouse, waiting patiently for the right moment to step out and bark at a passing car.

October update!
2 months ago – Mon, Oct 02, 2017 at 01:29:56 PM

Hi, folks. Rose here, with a update from Eddy.



Hello, good dogs! We have some more tasty Pugmire updates for you!


But first, a quick word from our friends at Earplay:

Hey, Pugmire backers! This is a message from Earplay - we’re already working on stories you play with your voice for some Onyx Path titles, and we have a small request to make of you, fellow fans of storytelling.

The Earplay Demo, our 5-minute intro narrated by the legendary Dave Grossman, is a finalist in the Future of Storytelling (FoST) People’s Choice Awards, hosted at the FoST Festival in New York this October, Fri 6th-Sun 8th. This is an amazing opportunity for us, so we’d be immensely grateful for your vote. You can read more about the festival at our blog:

And, if you're willing, please submit your vote BEFORE Oct 8th for the Earplay Demo at the FoST Prize page, here:

We truly appreciate your support, both in the Pugmire Kickstarter and the People’s Choice Award.

Chapter 1 of the Pugmire Earplay, “Friends and Enemies,” is almost ready for release, but we’d like to let our truest supporters enjoy it first! We have limited invites, and drawings will be random. If you’re interested in being considered as a beta tester for the new Pugmire Earplay, let us know by filling out our form here:

We hope you (have been) enjoy(ing) the free content available on the Earplay hub, and thanks in advance for your support and vote!


As promised last month, I was able to dig into some feedback I got from the last round of playtesting on Fetch Quest. I tweaked the cards and the rules a bit, and sent them out for one last round. I'm hoping to have that all in by the end of the month, so we can mock up a nicer-looking print-and-play playtest deck for an early 2018 Kickstarter. All in all, though, the core system is looking sound, and I hope that this game will offer another exciting avenue to play in the realms of Pugmire!


* Writers are continuing to rewrite their stories for the Pugmire anthology. 

* YouTube video scripts for Pan's Guide are written and being reviewed by Matthew Dawkins.

* Music is being composed for the non-interactive Pugmire audio drama.

* Monarchies of Mau writers are turning in drafts!


Rose Bailey, long-time White Wolf/Onyx Path developer and a dear friend of mine, is Kickstarting her own creator-owned game. "Cavaliers of Mars" is set on a fantasy version of the red planet, featuring swashbuckling and intrigue. Because if Mars has canals, why can't it have Venice? Go check it out:

September update
3 months ago – Wed, Sep 06, 2017 at 02:15:25 PM

Hi, everyone! Rose here, with an update from Eddy.


Hello, good dogs! It's time for another Pugmire update!  



(Yes, I used that joke last month. But it's still true!)  

Gen Con 50 was amazing for Pugmire. We sold out of the books several times, as well as the Guide screens and Mau Early Access! I ran a couple of demo games (one for Pugmire, and one for Mau), and the Wrecking Crew ran several four-hour sessions as well. It seemed like the biggest complaint was that there weren't enough Pugmire events and products to go around, which is a great problem to have!  

I lost count of the people who brought their Pugmire copies for autographs or took the time to tell me about their experiences with Pugmire. Thanks to all of you who came to the booth, attended the panels and events, wore the buttons, and otherwise made our launch at Gen Con such a success. It meant the world to me.  


Onyx Path had a number of announcements at the show. One of them was that we're going to work with DriveThruRPG to provide a Pugmire Community Content portal! That means that members of the Pugmire community can upload their own adventures and other content. You can even sell them (although Onyx Path and Pugsteady will get a percentage of every sale)! If you've looked at programs like the DM's Guild for Dungeons & Dragons or the Storyteller's Vault for the World of Darkness, you'll get a sense of what we're hoping to accomplish.  

I'm still working out details, so I can't really answer questions just yet. But if you have a cool Pugmire adventure you think others would enjoy, hang on to your notes, and we'll have more information soon!  


Now that I'm settled in Ireland, it's time for me to make the rounds of the European conventions. I have to look at my budget and time to see what I can commit to, as well as learning the wrinkles of European travel, but I have already committed to attending Dragonmeet in December. I'll be there just as an attendee, but feel free to catch me between games for an autograph or just to chat.  


* Now that some other projects are out of the way, I'm back at work on the Fetch Quest card game. We're eyeballing a Kickstarter for that next year sometime.  

* Writers are continuing to rewrite their stories for the Pugmire anthology.  

* YouTube video scripts for Pan's Guide are being written.  

* Music is being composed for the non-interactive Pugmire audio drama, so I should be getting a rough cut soon.  

* Earplay is getting close to launch.  

* Mau writers are writing.

August update
4 months ago – Tue, Aug 01, 2017 at 07:21:11 PM

Hi, Rose here, with a new update from Eddy!



Hello, good dogs! It seems updating on both Pugmire and Mau in the same post led to some confusion for folks, so I'll focus on Pugmire and only lightly touch on Mau. Look for more details in the Mau Kickstarter update!


Over the past few days I've been tagged on Facebook and Twitter by people excited to receive their Pugmire shipments. I'm really glad it's finally in people's hands. Shipping will continue over the next couple of weeks for our international backers. However, the original Kickstarter had delivery listed as "August 2017," so we're exactly on target! =As a note, this is the first Kickstarter Onyx Path has done in which distribution is handled by third parties. As such, if you have a problem with your shipment, please contact BackerKit, and they'll get you in touch with the right people. (One quick thing to check is to make sure you filled out your survey -- 63 people still haven't!)


I'll by flying all the way from Ireland to come to Gen Con 50. At the Onyx Path booth (#501, by the Paizo booth) we'll have plenty of cool things for Pugmire and Mau fans!  

  • Short 10-minute demos of Pugmire and Mau Early Access for people who want to learn more  
  • One-hour games of Pugmire and Mau Early Access, run by me  
  • Lots of full Pugmire and Mau Early Access events run by our tireless demo team, The Wrecking Crew 
  • A panel about Pugmire and Mau (as well as other OPP games) on Friday, 1pm, at Crowne Plaza Hotel Indianapolis Grand Central Ballroom A  
  • Copies of the Pugmire book so your friends who missed the Kickstarter can buy one  
  • Maybe some secret Pugmire news or swag? Who knows?

Even if you just swing by to say you backed the Kickstarter, I'd appreciate an opportunity to thank you for your support!  


  • Writers are continuing to rewrite their stories for the Pugmire anthology.   
  • Pan's Guide has moved on to the next stage: Creating a series of short YouTube videos for players interested in learning Pugmire!  
  • The non-interactive drama is moving along. I can't wait to hear how it turns out!  
  • Earplay is getting very close to launch.  
  • The outline for Monarchies of Mau has been written, and writers have started collaborating on our joint Slack channel.  


There are still some projects left to finish, but we're getting close to the end. It's been a wild ride, but the Pugmire/Mau community has been so positive and supportive. It's really been a wonderful experience from start to finish. I hope I get to meet some of you at Gen Con!




We're also currently kickstarting a new book of historical Dark Eras, intended for the Chronicles of Darkness, but designed to be fascinating reading regardless of your gaming interests. Each Era features two different game lines. 

We started the book with six Dark Eras, and backers have already unlocked a seventh - the Golden Age of Piracy!  

Most importantly, backers are currently voting on which one of three other Eras to include in the book when the next Stretch Goal is met. 

Come on over and join in the fun: