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Pugmire Fantasy Tabletop RPG
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Latest Updates from Our Project:

August update
21 days ago – Tue, Aug 01, 2017 at 07:21:11 PM

Hi, Rose here, with a new update from Eddy!



Hello, good dogs! It seems updating on both Pugmire and Mau in the same post led to some confusion for folks, so I'll focus on Pugmire and only lightly touch on Mau. Look for more details in the Mau Kickstarter update!


Over the past few days I've been tagged on Facebook and Twitter by people excited to receive their Pugmire shipments. I'm really glad it's finally in people's hands. Shipping will continue over the next couple of weeks for our international backers. However, the original Kickstarter had delivery listed as "August 2017," so we're exactly on target! =As a note, this is the first Kickstarter Onyx Path has done in which distribution is handled by third parties. As such, if you have a problem with your shipment, please contact BackerKit, and they'll get you in touch with the right people. (One quick thing to check is to make sure you filled out your survey -- 63 people still haven't!)


I'll by flying all the way from Ireland to come to Gen Con 50. At the Onyx Path booth (#501, by the Paizo booth) we'll have plenty of cool things for Pugmire and Mau fans!  

  • Short 10-minute demos of Pugmire and Mau Early Access for people who want to learn more  
  • One-hour games of Pugmire and Mau Early Access, run by me  
  • Lots of full Pugmire and Mau Early Access events run by our tireless demo team, The Wrecking Crew 
  • A panel about Pugmire and Mau (as well as other OPP games) on Friday, 1pm, at Crowne Plaza Hotel Indianapolis Grand Central Ballroom A  
  • Copies of the Pugmire book so your friends who missed the Kickstarter can buy one  
  • Maybe some secret Pugmire news or swag? Who knows?

Even if you just swing by to say you backed the Kickstarter, I'd appreciate an opportunity to thank you for your support!  


  • Writers are continuing to rewrite their stories for the Pugmire anthology.   
  • Pan's Guide has moved on to the next stage: Creating a series of short YouTube videos for players interested in learning Pugmire!  
  • The non-interactive drama is moving along. I can't wait to hear how it turns out!  
  • Earplay is getting very close to launch.  
  • The outline for Monarchies of Mau has been written, and writers have started collaborating on our joint Slack channel.  


There are still some projects left to finish, but we're getting close to the end. It's been a wild ride, but the Pugmire/Mau community has been so positive and supportive. It's really been a wonderful experience from start to finish. I hope I get to meet some of you at Gen Con!




We're also currently kickstarting a new book of historical Dark Eras, intended for the Chronicles of Darkness, but designed to be fascinating reading regardless of your gaming interests. Each Era features two different game lines. 

We started the book with six Dark Eras, and backers have already unlocked a seventh - the Golden Age of Piracy!  

Most importantly, backers are currently voting on which one of three other Eras to include in the book when the next Stretch Goal is met. 

Come on over and join in the fun:

Pugmire and Mau July update!
about 2 months ago – Mon, Jul 03, 2017 at 11:36:45 PM

Hi, Rose here, with updates from Eddy!



Hello from lovely Ireland! After a somewhat chaotic couple of weeks getting myself and Murray Pug to Eire (including a cross-country drive from Atlanta to San Francisco), I have an update on all things Pugmire and Mau!  



The book, dice, cards, pins, and screen are all printed and are being shipped to our distribution warehouse, so last week the BackerKit was locked down. If all goes well, by this time next month many of you should already have your materials in hand. If you haven't filled out your survey yet -- there are 63 of you out there -- we'd love to get your stuff to you!  

(If you've having problems with the BackerKit survey, comments here won't be useful. Instead, click on Richard Thomas' face in the upper-right and use the "Contact me" button.)  

Other Projects  

  • Writers are continuing to rewrite their stories for the Pugmire anthology.  
  • Pan's Guide is back in the hands of Matthew Dawkins, who is addressing my comments before we have another chat about it.  
  • I've been listening to lines for the non-interactive audio drama, and it's sounding pretty good!  
  • Earplay is getting the last round of audio polish.  



With the help of 1,970 of you, we raised $118,534 to make Monarchies of Mau into a reality! We'll be able to make not only the Mau book, but dice, a Guide screen, pins, a Kickstarter-exclusive shirt, an adventure collection, a fiction anthology, a book of pre-generated cats and dogs, and another Earplay adventure! Rich and I need to sit down and start talking numbers now that the Pugmire campaign is close to shipping and the Mau campaign is finished. Budgets are less exciting, but still an important part of the process.  

Monarchies of Mau Book  

The next step is starting work on the core book. This time around I'm building a team to write it, instead of doing most of the writing myself. As such, I'm planning to spend this month writing a comprehensive outline, polishing the writer's documents, hiring my team, and kicking things into gear. Again, this is the less exciting "getting things made" phase of things, but writing should begin in earnest soon!  


I'll be at Gen Con next month! Some games of Pugmire and Mau will be run by the ever-impressive Wrecking Crew, and we'll have some demos of both at the booth. For those that can make it, I hope to see you there (even if I'm pretty jet-lagged)!

Pre-Pre-Shipping Notice for Pugmire
2 months ago – Thu, Jun 22, 2017 at 11:34:11 PM

Hello Pugmire backers!

RichT here:

Just wanted to let you know that we will be putting up the 48 hour notice on Monday, the 26th that we'll be locking addresses and closing down the Pugmire BackerKit site on Wednesday, the 28th. All addresses will be locked down and no changes will be possible, and the site will be shut down and no more "pre-orders" will be possible, in preparation for shipping in July.

If you need to change your shipping address, please do so before Wednesday the 28th, by going to your Survey responses on the BackerKit site. If you lost your Survey link/email, you can recover it here:

Please do not let this time go past if you need to change your shipping address!

Anything that has to happen after the 28th will have to be hand-entered and is prone to human error. (Don't tell the Pugmire Dogs!)

Here are a couple of pics of the finished book and Screen - enjoy and thanks!



Only 24 Hours Left in the Monarchies of Mau Kickstarter!
2 months ago – Wed, Jun 14, 2017 at 08:16:43 PM

Hello Pugmire backers!

RichT here:

We are coming down to the last 24 hours of our Monarchies of Mau Kickstarter!


In case you missed hearing about this: in Monarchies of Mau, you play uplifted cats that live in the ashes of our world far in the future, seeking danger and mystery. Think Three Musketeers meets Planet of the Apes, but with cats.

These cats have been uplifted to use technology and language. Some cats acquire the remnants of human technology, believing them to be literal gifts of magic from ancient, god-like servants. Others seek to create an ideal civilization, using the Precepts of Mau agreed to in the heat of a terrible war.

This is the companion game to Pugmire and with both you can play mixed Cats and Dogs adventuring parties, but it contains all the info to play a complete game on its own.

If this sounds interesting, you can check it out here, and backers can download an Early Access version that contains enough rules to get started playing immediately:


June Update
2 months ago – Thu, Jun 08, 2017 at 09:05:54 PM

Rose here, with an update from Eddy!



Hello good dogs, and excellent cats! So much to cover, so let's get to it!  


In case you've missed it, the Mau Kickstarter is live! We funded in just under an hour, which is wonderful. At the time I'm writing this, we're over $91,000, and we still have nine days to go! And just like with this Kickstarter, once you back you have access to the Early Access PDF in the first backer update. So if you haven't backed it yet, you can go check it out right here:  


To the printers!  

I've done some last-minute proofing with Mike Chaney, we both had some final corrections, and now it's really happening! The book, dice, cards, pins, and screen are all being printed, then will get shipped to our distribution warehouse. From there, everything will be compiled, and they'll start mailing things out! When the Kickstarter launched, we predicted that we'd start shipping in August 2017, and thus far we seem to be on track for that date.  

Fiction Anthology and Pan's Guide  

Writers are rewriting their stories (in fact, I finished rewriting mine a while ago). Pan's Guide is still on my desk for review, unfortunately -- there's so much going on, and unfortunately that got delayed longer than I hoped it would. But I'm planning to dive back into that right after I finish writing this update!  

Earplay and Audio Drama  

The non-interactive audio drama is written, and off to a team to produce. They're getting me samples so we can dial in the right voices for the project, and then they'll start making funny voices in front of a microphone.  

As for Earplay, I listened to the latest batch of files, and sent off the last set of corrections. I also worked with Earplay to make an interactive teaser for Pugmire. Think of it like a trailer for a movie, only you can make a couple of choices as well. It's a short experience, and you'll be able to check it out for yourself very soon!  


As I mentioned last month, I'm now deep in the process of moving to Ireland. My wife is already over there, while I'm still in Atlanta wrapping up final things and getting Prince Murray Pug ready for his Irish adventure. We both get on our respective flights on the 15th, so it's just a few days away! As we wrap up everything for this Kickstarter, the move will mark a good transition to start thinking through everything for Monarchies of Mau (and maybe beyond!)